Dear valuable Customer, it is with great pleasure that we welcome you in our e-Workshop system. This new Customer Service have been created with the aim to be an active support to all  technical, quality and logistic matters. Through e-Workshop it is possible to manage the contents of each manufacturing job-order directly online, by monitoring their status or by the download of relevant documents such as material certificates as well as traceability and N.D.E. reports. The logistic management is a tool aimed at the real time shipping data in order to let you know which is the material ready to be collected, its weight and volume as well as a forecasting tool which allow the prevision of near future shipments. To log in please insert your username and password in the apposite box on the left. If not yet registered, please, click on the top-left area and apply for your subscription, our webmaster should enable your access within few hours (for a complete registration your computer must accept cookies).

The system is self-maintained by the help of our e-Workshop valets positioned in each manufacturing key area. These tools are technically named wireless terminals, in fact, they actually allow the access toe-Workshop valets the Company's database system directly from the various departments in order to share all the information in real time with no risk of referring to outdated documents and so on. Each operator in the workshop has a unique login so that each phase of the product fabrication is recorded in the database and made immediately available for you in both terms of job-order status and traceability matters. Of course a big part of the system is dedicated to our quality department in order to make available all procedure and specifications in the latest revision as well as record in electronic format the instrument maintenance and calibration.

The data protection is assured by adequate software and hardware characteristics. Each information, document, drawing or any other source, is made available only to the specific Customer which manage by himself all the logon authorizations of his users. In order to avoid malicious unknown users, our webmaster empowers only one user per Customer, this super-user will be responsible of all the users logged on from his company.

If you're not yet our Customer, then there is the possibility to test some of the most important features of this service by logging in with Username as guest and Password guest. Once logged click Job Orders on the menù on the left so as to visualize a pretended Job Order's progress status as well as the relevant documents and/or certificates that could be involved for a typical supply of goods with some special requirements.

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